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More open source evidence of Israeli's operating the UAE Critical National Infrastrusture Agency

Taken from Highlighted in red. The Israeli ex Mossad agent carrying Brazillian passports are affectionally called the 'mexicans'.The fact is the Wayne Hull, Wendy Weckstrom, Andy Williams, Doug Hassel and Enrique Leonardi (fired from his previois employer NSN for corruption and Fraud) are representing this AGT and its many shelf companies here in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Worried about the Iranian threat, the United Arab Emirates do not hesitate to call on Israeli technology to secure their borders and oil wells.

In the desert, the ocher wall that marks the border with Oman seems harmless to both onlookers discussing near post Hilli. They are far from imagining that it was built largely with technology from Israel, a country with which their emirate does not have diplomatic relations. If one of them touched "this smart wall" full of sensors, hidden cameras would record his every gesture, facial features, and these data are immediately transferred to the files of the intelligence services and the police . But more importantly, they immediately trigger an intervention by security forces, an advantage that was missing, for example, cameras that filmed the terrorists who struck the London Underground in 2005.
This latest technology has been supplied by AGT (Asia Global Technologies), one of the most successful companies in the global security market. In recent years, AGT has won a lucrative contract of $ 3 billion for border protection Abu Dhabi and five oil sites in the emirate, the only Arab country to dare to develop as sensitive dealings with Israel .

Officially, AGT has two seats (Zurich, Abu Dhabi) and several subsidiaries worldwide. But the nebula is actually directed by Mati Kochavi, an Israeli living in the United States, the key man "business secret" between the Jewish state and Abu Dhabi, alongside the old "dove" Yossi Beilin, converted in asset manager in the Gulf, and the Friends of Abraham, which includes Jewish American businessmen and UAE. After rich in real estate, Kochavi embarked on the security market in the aftermath of the September 11 attacks. "He then began to recruit IDF generals and senior Mossad in retirement, including General Amos Malka, head of Aman, Israel's military intelligence from 1998 to 2001," said Israeli journalist Yossi Melman.
"We are pragmatic"

"It's true, we are not too fussed about the origin of our suppliers," says an official UAE, who wishes to remain anonymous. "We have a priority to acquire the very best to defend our territory. We are pragmatic. We have money. We are looking for anyone who can give us a protection system integrated and able to be updated regularly once. "And in this area, the Israeli industry is at the forefront, particularly in terms of drones, the unmanned aircraft Abu Dhabi is provided to protect its oil wells, and its future nuclear power plant, the first in the Arabian Peninsula. "This is not a concept that we sell the Israelis, but operational equipment," says the UAE responsible.

On the shores of the Persian Gulf, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict seems very distant. "The UAE does not really have any resentment towards Israel," says, in turn, Khatter Massaad, financial adviser to the leader of the neighboring emirate of Ras al-Khaimah, which has already received offers of 'Israeli businessmen also hold U.S. or British passports. Last year, shortly after the murder operation launched by the IDF against Hamas in Gaza, Abu Dhabi would not hesitate to buy two advanced warning aircraft at the company Radom Aviation Systems in Petah Tikva, near Tel Aviv. Equipped with listening station, these devices can intercept communications within the territorial waters of the Gulf, where Iran occupies three islands belonging to the UAE (Abu Musa, Little and Big Tomb). "This is the common Iranian threat brings the UAE to bring Israel", says a Western diplomat.
Just as an Iranian response on its oil installations if Western bombing against Tehran's nuclear sites, the UAE fear the Shiite penetration on their territory. In the spring, Abu Dhabi returned forty Lebanese suspected of financing Hezbollah, one armed arm of Iran in the Middle East. To counter this threat broadcasts from the other side of the Gulf, Abu Dhabi has granted France the right to establish a military base, but it has also embarked on an ambitious "program of original image information" , where there are Israeli interests. Last year, his "Space Reconnaissance Center" concluded an agreement with the private operator ImageSat Israeli satellites, allowing him access to satellite images Eros B. The information published in the U.S. journal Defense News, was denied by the United Arab Emirates. This does not prevent experts to ensure that Abu Dhabi has in fact since 2006 a partnership agreement to access directly and at its discretion, to satellite programming Eros A Image Sat. Objective: Monitoring the UAE territory and waters of the Gulf, where Iran might choose to retaliate.
"We invest heavily in early warning systems," says General Khaled al Bu-Ainnain, former head of the air force. "For us it is a matter of survival. Look what happened in Kuwait in 1990, he added. He was not such a warning system, and one morning woke Kuwaitis with the Iraqi army controlling the intersections of their capital. "

Israelis in the UAE? A secret to CNIA, the institution responsible for the protection of sensitive sites, where they are called, probably by exotic, "the Mexicans." "I've seen," says a French visitor. If necessary, Royal Jet, the company ruling sheikhs of Abu Dhabi, will deliver the VIP, incognito of course. As Israeli intermediaries were warned by the Jewish state risks abduction by Hezbollah or the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, who storefront, through front companies.
"Local authorities have asked us not to communicate," says, for its part, Advanced Integrated System (AIS), a subsidiary of AGT, which keeps it as a low profile on its sensitive activities. In recent weeks, AIS failed to win a tender for the equipment of a command center operations, common to the three armies of the Emirates. Another setback for "Mexicans," the agreement of $ 3 billion on border protection is currently being renegotiated. "AGT had overstated the risks, says a foreign consultant CNIA. Emiratis want to lower the price.
The Mabhouh case

Is there a chill between Abu Dhabi and its Israeli partners? The assassination by Mossad, in late January, the Hamas leader in Dubai has left traces. "The Israelis do not have to come here to settle scores with their enemies, rebels General Al Bu-Ainnain. They crossed a red line. "Others, however, doubt that the Mabhouh affair lasting effect on their occult relations with the Jewish state. "The UAE compartmentalize, provides foreign consultant CNIA. Police publicized the survey to show that she could not let Dubai become open arms dealers or trafficking suitcases filled with cash instead. But on the merits, this case will not change their relationship with the Israelis. They need them. "Maybe not at any price. "What is their logic?, Questioned the official UAE. The Israelis want to open offices commercial interest here. They seek to establish confidence-building measures with the Arab world. But how can we trust them if they commit crimes? "
Abu Dhabi-based and led by the French, Hélène PELOSSE, the International Agency for Renewable Energy is the Israelis in the Gulf "the official front door." Launched last year, Irena now has 140 members, including the Jewish state. For the first time in January, an Israeli minister Uzi Landau, head of National Infrastructures, went to Abu Dhabi. "This does not amount to a normalization," clarified the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, after a visit enamelled light incidents. In his broadcast, local television "trappa" the Israeli delegation. In the lobby of their hotel, its members refused to remove their badges, hit the Star of David. These glitches do not, however, question the next step in the integration process: the opening of a permanent Israeli representative to the Irena.

Thanks to Irena and its civil nuclear power, Abu Dhabi wants to exist. But "diplomacy, warns a Western economist, still based on the idea that we should create a positive relationship with everyone, if possible by the trade." So pioneers or "traitors" to the Arab cause? "It matters little to them. "

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